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    Mohammed Landoulsi


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    we are producers and exporters of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combining the sophistication of our image and packaging, with the genuineness and uniqueness of the best olive oil produced in Tunisia. Our oils are produced from olives carefully picked by hand from our own natural plantations located in the area of Zaghouan, a region combining rigorous altitude climates, which allow to obtain quality olives, essential to the production of authentic olive oil .I wish to emphasize that besides a good deal as presented, you would/will be starting adirect business relation with a Premier Tunisia supplier. AGRO-MED is fully integrated – from the fieldsto the various finished packaged products, besides being able to supply bulk totes and Flexi tanks.

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tunisia

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tunisia

    • zaghouane TUNISIE
    Publié: 15/02/2020


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