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The Great Maghreb (Large Region in North Africa and includes Mauritania, Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya)

The Great Maghreb is a large region located in North Africa, a western part of the Arab world corresponding to the Arab-Berber cultural space, between the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahelian strip and Egypt.
Zone: 6,046 million sq km
Population: 101 095 436 habitants.
Density: 16 hab./km2
GDP (2017) GDP/hab: $1 155 777 billion; $9 835/hab
Currencies: Algerian Dinar, Libyan Dinar, Ouguiya, Moroccan Dirham, Tunisian Dinar

Morocco (Country in North Africa)

Morocco, a North African country on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, is distinguished by its Berber, Arab and European. The medina of Marrakech, a medieval district with the appearance of a labyrinth, is a lively place, with its Jemaa el-Fna square and souks (markets) selling ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. The Oudayas casbah in Rabat, the capital, is a 12th century royal fort overlooking the ocean.
Capital: Rabat
Telephone code +212
King: Mohammed VI
Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Algeria (Country in North Africa)

Algeria is a North African country with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and a desert interior, the Sahara. Many empires have left their mark, such as the ancient Roman ruins of Tipasa, by the sea. In the capital, Algiers, Ottoman sites, such as the Ketchaoua Mosque, from about 1612, border the Casbah district. Perched on a hill, this place has narrow walkways and stairs. The Basilica of Our Lady of Africa, with neo-Byzantine architecture, dates from French colonial rule.
Capital: Algiers
Currency: Algerian Dinar

Population: 41.32 million (2017)

Tunisia (Country in North Africa)

Tunisia is a North African country located on the Mediterranean coast and on the edge of the Sahara Desert. The National Bardo Museum in Tunis, the capital, exhibits archaeological pieces ranging from Roman mosaics to Islamic art. The Medina district, with its lively souk, encircles the imposing Zitouna Mosque. To the east, on the site of the ancient city of Carthage, are the baths of and its many objects.
Capital: Tunis
Telephone code: +216
Currency: Tunisian Dinar
President of the Republic: Kais Said

Libya (Country in North Africa)

Libya, in long form the state of Libya, is a North African country that is part of the Maghreb. It is bordered to the north by the Libyan Sea, to the west by Algeria and Tunisia, to the south by Niger and Chad and to the east by Sudan and Egypt.
Capital: Tripoli Area: 1.76 million km2
Population: 6.375 million (2017) World Bank
Currency: Libyan Dinar
Places of interest: Grand Erg Oriental, Jebel Uweinat,

Mauritania (Country in Africa)

Mauritania, in long form the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country of North-West Africa , located between 15 and 27 degrees north latitude and 5 and 17 degrees west longitude.
Capital: Nouakchott
President: Mohamed Ould Ghazouani
Currency: Ouguiya
Population: 4.42 million (2017) World Bank
Places of interest: Richat Structure