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General conditions of use

Terms of Service

The role of tijarapro.com

The services of tijarapro.com are intended for professional operators (Products and Services) in the Greater Maghreb area (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) but also for professionals from other countries that we select.

Advertising and premium ads are payable, on the other hand simple ads are free. Consultations or responses to all types of ads or advertisements are also free.

The role of tijarapro.com is not that of a “buying or selling company”. On the contrary, it is only an online support whose purpose is to enable professional operators in the countries of the Greater Maghreb:

-To promote, sell or buy goods and services in accordance with the law,

-To learn about the laws and regulations in force in each of the countries of the Great Maghreb in the fields of foreign trade (Finance, banks, insurance, customs, transport,…).

The tijarapro.com site hosts the content of ads posted by sellers (text, photos, etc.) and validated by the administrator. He does not intervene in the transaction between buyers and sellers. Consequently, tijarapro.com does not exercise any control over the quality, safety of the goods and services offered, the veracity or accuracy in the advertisements placed online, the ability of sellers to sell said goods or services or the ability of buyers to pay for said goods or services. He cannot assure that the seller will conclude the transaction.

Caution of members.

User authentication on the Internet being difficult, the tijarapro.com site cannot confirm the identity of each user.


Since the tijarapro.com site does not intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers, its liability is released in the event of a dispute between several members for any claim, and any present or future damage, presumed or not, noted or not, resulting from direct or indirect way of this claim.

Forbidden items:

As a member of tijarapro.com, any professional operator is required to ensure that the item he wishes to buy or sell is authorized on the tijarapro.com site and by the law of his own country as well as by that of the country of the intended buyer. To ensure a good understanding of the regulations of tijarapro.com, the list of prohibited products is given below:

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons and knives
  • Used medical equipment
  • Excavations, Fossils and Minerals
  • Pesticides
  • Uniforms, decorations, badges
  • Animal parts
  • Firearms and explosives
  • Cultural goods
  • Goods subject to embargo
  • Stolen or concealed property
  • Lottery tickets
  • Credit cards
  • Official documents issued by the State
  • Contracts and tickets
  • Drugs and related objects
  • Surveillance equipment prohibited
  • Counterfeit coins and false stamps
  • Fireworks
  • Financial instruments
  • Mailing lists
  • Items of a pedophile or pornographic nature
  • Prohibited or regulated goods
  • Equipment intended for opening locks
  • Medicines and parapharmacy
  • Organs and products of the human body
  • Dangerous and illegal substances
  • Tobacco

Ads for prohibited items will be systematically removed by the administrator of the tijarapro.com site.

Description of announcements

Advertisements should clearly describe the items to be sold or purchased. They can only include text and images provided by the advertiser. All items offered for sale must be in the appropriate category. The seller is solely responsible for the choice of the category in which he wishes to reference his advertisement.

Fraudulent acts

Without excluding other remedies, the tijarapro.com site may suspend or terminate any account if it turns out that its owner is engaged in fraudulent activities in connection with the site or the publication of advertisements for prohibited products.

Legal compliance

The user of the tijarapro.com site undertakes to respect the lo